Review: GOO Gone & Vital Oxide 1st Impressions

So from the prior post on removal of the PPF on my 4C, I used this product (which you might be familiar with if you’ve read US forums)

[Image: qjJhMIsl.jpg]

Goo Gone is magic – you might spend ages with even a strong solvent trying to attack certain adhesive residues from stickers, badges, wraps ec. You might get the stuff off, but you end up damaging your paint in the process. Goo Gone sprays onto the surface (it was a bit tricky since my adhesive spots were underneath the sill itself, but it is a clingy formulation). You let it sit for a few minutes. Rather than washing it off, agitate it a little bit with a cloth and then have a go at it using APC and a cloth, the adhesive will come off very easily and it doesn’t damage your paintwork.

Costs around R120 at Builder’s Warehouse.

I also found myself needing to get something to deal with my wife’s return to full-time work on site. This is another one I will report back on but it is certified to actually kill COVID-19 as well as having a number of other uses. I realise many of these measures will actually be pointless if she is infected and contagious, but on the other hand, I also want to do my best with the tools available on hand.

Anyway Vital Oxide is a registered hospital disinfectant – it doesn’t have VOCs (It’s a Chlorine dioxide based product – worth a read on this chemical and why it is better than Chlorine and how it avoids creating armies of super-bugs that are resistant to treatment and cleaning!) A lot of marketing material will claim 99% or 99.5% of germs killed. This product is tested to kill specific kinds of bacteria in less than 60 seconds. It works against molds and mildew long term (7 months), allergens and has uses for pets. It also removes odours as a by-product of its action – I don’t think it will be a waste and probably useful for me in future.

At full strength it is used as a hospital-grade disinfectant, 5:1 for carpets and fabric sanitising (I can see this being put to good use in future for me) and 12:1 can be used to achieve 99.999% sanitisation on food contact surfaces with no rinsing needed (at this dilution it kills E.Coli for instance in 30 seconds)

It costs around R350 for 5L. I do also like the fact that it doesn’t smell like a GT-R on race day.

Early days on this one. Let’s see how it goes.

[Image: u0dPxhkl.jpg]