Review: Head Mounted Lamp

Lighting is one of those things that is critical when you start using the higher end products. If you have a bit of polish residue, you can attend to it. If you apply a coating and ‘miss a spot’ or have a high spot, you need to break out your machine and redo the panel.

There is no substitute for having excellent lighting in your garage, but there are times where you need to be either working inside the car (or in the case of my 4C a car with extremely limited space) or where light simply doesn’t normally get to. One one hand you might have LED light bars that you can use. On the other you sometimes need something strapped to your head LOL

Now I spend a lot of money on a lot of things (this site is evidence of some of it), but I cannot bring myself to justify the pricing on some of these items which are very obviously sourced in China and rebranded using very good but also very cheap ultra bright LEDs. At the same time, Aliexpress can be hit and miss in terms of what gets delivered and now in this post-pandemic world I am not sure that there will be much appetite for this in future (certainly reduced).

Anyway this unit I am discussing today is from Aliexpress: Kyalami Branch 

I have been known to run into many of you at this place so some of you will know it. This is a Chinese store that stocks many of the items you see on Aliexpress/Bangood/Wish etc. but you get to touch and feel them before you buy.

One of these items is this rather cheap but very effective R150 rechargeable head-mounted lamp. It has come in handy for the things I mentioned above and you can choose your beam configuration.

[Image: YYAXotMl.jpg]

Construction is good for a product of this kind, with the weight of the battery shifted to the back of your head and the 3 lamps (which can be adjusted for angle) in front and an elastic strap keeping it on. It is very comfortable even after long stints using it. Battery life is OK – it does dim towards the end (but this is usually after a couple of hours and normally this is fine because it is not your PRIMARY lighting type). If you’re going to use it, best to top it off. it includes both 12V cigarette lighter and AC Adapter chargers. Documentation is sparse. You won’t get an accurate colour temp or number of lumens … but suffice to say it ranges between “enough” and “alot” LOL.

You have a few configurations which is why I thought to include it in this thread. Different types of lighting can be switched to highlight different issues – this allows you to hit a button to change the beam and quickly adjust the angle if needed. It isn’t going to be as great as some of the advanced detailing tools with lenses and colour temperatures designed to highlight certain issues, but with a good eye it works for me, less for identifying the defects and more for checking application:

Single main direct beam

[Image: 5emkTwVl.jpg]

Two side-beams producing a more diffuse light

[Image: tJigzStl.jpg]

“let’s blind the lizards and spiders” mode

[Image: wPjUteCl.jpg]

And finally there is a strobing mode if you want to trigger a seizure in the aforementioned lizards and spiders inhabiting your workspace

Battery pack:

[Image: 40NEr90l.jpg]

Thanks for reading