Unboxing & Impressions: KARCHER Foam Lance

Having explored some options and with lockdown making international purchases difficult, my KARCHER rep arrived this morning with my Foam Lance in hand, so thought I would do an unboxing post and first impressions.

This is the pro-grade HD Foam Lance from Karcher.

It is built like a TANK (and it does have a tank… and I ordered an extra tank as well). There’s a ‘yo dawg’ meme in there somewhere.

My Crazy Detailer lance found a new home and I was in touch with Neil over the week but unfortunately they don’t have an HD compatible attachment for their cannons (I was truly happy with it for years though, it is easily serviceable and if you have a K-series it is the one to have).

[Image: ca333kRl.jpg]

[Image: V7NyAg9l.jpg]

You can FEEL that this will be up for quite a bit of abuse and is largely brass with a heavy duty plastic coating on parts. It uses the Karcher Pro Easy!Lock connection mechanism. The cost is a lot vs. the tried and trusted Crazy Detailer lance, but now having received it I can see where the extra cost has gone to a large degree. I am also happy to have a spare tank for eg: different mixes or products between cars (instead of decanting and using one bottle when washing)

[Image: B0dryzAl.jpg]

As with any good cannon, you can easily switch between vertical and horizontal patterns as well as aperture size. There is also the usual knob for controlling water/detergent mix.

[Image: fGHBbDLl.jpg]

[Image: YvsIAiLl.jpg]

[Image: SniS0LQl.jpg]

[Image: d3jzcoSl.jpg]

EDIT: Including the bottle pic

[Image: OBZH8srl.jpg]

I will create a further post over the weekend with some in-use pictures/results.

Thanks for looking