F10 M5 Interior & Leather

Some work in progress on the M5: This time on the interior

The Puzzi made short work of the very dirty carpets (made more obvious by the lighting)

[Image: pD6lOxGl.jpg]

[Image: yG5Jp7dl.jpg]

After that it was on to the seats:

As I mentioned, if you haven’t owned your car from new, it is easy to think your seats are clean. You might even think your cleaning efforts are removing dye with the amount of stuff that comes off them. My seats are probably overdue for attention, particularly the driver’s seat.

Notice how shiny the before pics are.

[Image: aARnBDLl.jpg]

Mist on some of the mild leather cleaner

[Image: JvuFcgHl.jpg]

Try to agitate as much as you can

[Image: af09X8Jl.jpg]

Behold the dirt: This looks a bit black but actually it is more brown than anything else. That said at this point if you think it is dye, it is NOT.

[Image: 2CWa8sGl.jpg]

next order of business is to crack out the steamer. I wipe down with water anyway, so in this case I just used the steamer as the ‘source’ of this… and wiped with a new microfibre.

[Image: DwciN4ol.jpg]

You will find that post-steaming your cloth has attracted EVEN MORE dirt that was loosened and now released. You can already see the seat starting to come back to life.

[Image: wONjDhdl.jpg]

Passenger side

[Image: HeG5XsSl.jpg]

Before anyone tells you a car is ‘clean’ for it’s mileage… this is 146000km

Time to ‘install’ Gyeon Q2M Leather Shield

[Image: p3XHHQkl.jpg]

It goes on with a sheen

[Image: 9K1hnBrl.jpg]

But once you’re done it is back to just a bit ‘over’ matte:

(Again some wear is to be expected for a car with a full family and 146000km…)

[Image: rf2CuXbl.jpg]

[Image: lUgCdZ5l.jpg]

Hope that was useful