Unboxing: Bigfoot Detailing Order And Takealot Return

Last unboxing before some M5 stuff… and these all start coming together. I thought I would add it while closing out the story with Takealot and my broken stand.

Takealot replaced the stand but this time another bit broke (just the plastic bit of the tightening screw). I am just going to live with it for now until something else breaks (or it lives forever), but suffice to say the Brightstar stand DOES NOT get recommended despite the low price. It doesn’t help that takealot ships it in a box that has no business being used for this purpose.

Anyway I can now take a few more pics at least

[Image: b2N3phul.jpg]
[Image: vbDYK0vl.jpg]

A friend and I needed some top ups and I decided to try this out since it was on sale:

I thought it might just be strong APC… but the smell is quite different to most other things. This is meant to deep clean the rubber before using Gyeon Tire and a heat gun. Will be using it on the M5 tomorrow so I will report back on whether it is any better than just using 100% APC/Clean Green etc

[Image: 2WuEKHql.jpg]

Also got some of this to play around with…

[Image: aMNvfiZl.jpg]