In-use: Gyeon Tire Cleaner & Karcher Pro Lance

To close off the Gyeon Tire Cleaner review above:

I started off with a fairly clean wheel. It did have dressing on it prior.

[Image: prKYsexl.jpg]

Even under these circumstances (and having had a go at it with a washer), a little agitation revealed quite a bit of dirt being released from the tyre

[Image: n9e5Iiql.jpg]

There is no filter or anything special applied to this pic. It is returned to the original finish including the ‘soft/satin’ finish that you get on higher end Michelin tyres. I also used VERY LITTLE product to get this result and all I used for agitation was a little Mother’s detailing brush – no scrubbing or elbow grease at all.

My tyres are usually quite clean… I would love to try this on @Nick 320i who has an issue with embedded dirt in his tyres.

[Image: qHuuUuol.jpg]

I thought I would also just quickly show how a low concentration of Gyeon Foam with the Karcher Canon I mentioned earlier goes on (consistency wise):

[Image: UBwh8Bml.jpg]

and how it clings after several minutes of sitting: This is a factor for pre-washes in general – some go on quite thick but have almost no dwell time.

[Image: CohueNHl.jpg]


an excuse to post two finished pics (just washed this time – detail coming soon)

[Image: cbvAF9Ol.jpg]
[Image: ApxMVXtl.jpg]