Review: Glossworx Drill Brush

I thought I would post this last week but unfortunately Glossworx ( was burgled and only got to some of the orders out this week. What a pleasure dealing with them though and they kept me updated until it was sent!

Worth mentioning that I know you can get a few of the items on this thread cheaper from Amazon or UK based sites (or AliExpress LOL). There is an element of support that local companies need during these times (I’ve had emails between them, Auto DNA and Pristine/Bigfoot and they are all facing pressures importing and shipping items). Yes we all know some of the guys sell the same thing that is cheap on AliExpress and sometimes that is the way to go, however if you’re unhappy you have a person who will swap it out or refund you if you’re not happy (Good luck with that on Ali or gearbest etc). I am usually happy to support a bricks and mortar store (We have a local Matrix warehouse and Computersonly in midrand for instance that I will support over ANY etailer/amazon etc if they are within a few hundred rands on price). You only realise how you miss having this friendly face when things go south and the R50 you save at the expense of shipping something halfway round the world suddenly makes no sense (and usually these poor guys will try to match it). OF course this doesn’t apply to everyone and some people take chances (that’s a different story!). 

This is another of the absolutely must-have items that costs very little: put it on your stocking filler list LOL: it only costs R100 and you are supporting an SA business. There are kits for R200 with 3 different brushes but this is the one that you will need most. Besides this the 3 brush kits are perpetually out of stock and the cost to import is extremely high (this is nice but not worth spending R600 on a kit)

So this is the Glossworx drill brush. I picked up an extra one for a fanatic as well to save on courier. You will see these on detailing channels/videos. You put this into a cordless drill and it makes short work of scrubbing jobs. 

They are invaluable for Upholstery, rubber mats and agitating carpets prior to extraction. 

There are two ways to use this: 

1. You can use this DRY to separate matted fibres or lift some of the embedded dirt prior to vacuuming.
2. You apply a product (be it APC, degreaser or carpet cleaner) to the surface and have a go at it with the drill brush to get deep into the fibres and lift out ingrained dirt and stains (those with kids will know what these could be!)

[Image: F3mulJHl.jpg]
[Image: MxZUxsDl.jpg]
[Image: P8ENUxOl.jpg]
[Image: Hy13v4El.jpg]

I know grit guards are not interesting, but you will see one in the pic: This is another item that should be amongst the VERY FIRST detailing items – even if you buy nothing else, start with the buckets and grit guards, a quality mitt, wash soap and drying cloth. I have both Crazy Detailer and Meguiars grit guards – they all do the same thing – buy whatever is cheapest at the time. These were on sale too so picked one up for the other fanatic that wanted the drill brush as well.

Hope you found this one useful!