UNBOXING: BigBoi Buddi

Unboxing today:

Fairly long since I’ve posted or had a chance to unbox some detailing kit.

I got a Big Boi Buddi car dryer from Auto DNA (based in Durbs). I was holding out for the mini to come back into stock but glad I just got this one. The price was actually really good for what it is. At the moment auto DNA has a deal on them that is far less than you would pay getting it into SA for yourself. They just recently released a hose kit as well (though with the dimensions of the unit I doubt I would need this.

Just from an initial test I don’t think that even the Esoteric videos (which are usually my go-to for these things) do the Buddi full justice in terms of power. I thought they were exaggerating when they said it would be more than enough and considered going with a leafblower or something like that in the interim.

For my all-ceramic-coated fleet it will work just fine and its so small and light even my son can use it. I think I will eventually get the pro unit, but for the money I would recommend it. Air is heated and filtered. It comes with a spare filter and three nozzles which are rubberised but you should still be careful.

I will report back on more extensive use this weekend.

[Image: Uv6q2Bcl.jpg]
[Image: CS53Y49l.jpg]
[Image: sC1kqlBl.jpg]
[Image: c2YYvL7l.jpg]
[Image: dG372YBl.jpg]
[Image: fxAALlpl.jpg]